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Selecting a Colour Scheme

At Pro City Contracts we appreciate that it is vital for you to choose the right colour scheme for the area you wish to decorate. There is so much choice of brands and colours in the shops today that choosing can be a daunting process. Our interior decorators are happy to help you and we recommend and use the Dulux colour range, which we believe to be of a very high quality and has a great range of colours and paint types.

NOTE: There are various other effects available, however we have not yet been able to include descriptions here. Please contact us to find out any extra information you might require.

Things to think about before you start

Colours will change with the light

When deciding on a colour scheme, remember that colours will look darker and bolder on a large wall than on a colour chart. The amount of light in a room can dramatically effect the shade of the colour you’ve chosen, in general this means that the poorer the lighting, the darker the paint will appear.

Use Testers

Paint testers are widely available in all DIY stores and are pretty cheap too. Trying out different colours on pieces of white card allows you to then move them around the room showing how the colour can change with the light. This also means that you don’t have the annoying task of then painting over the tester paint on your walls afterwards.

Professional advice

Making the wrong colour choice can be a costly mistake, both in terms of materials and of time. We will always try to help you with your choices (after all, advice is free!). When you contact us for your initial visit, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Specialist Paint Effects (Faux Effects)


Rag Rolling is a technique that gives your walls a striking textured finish by using differing shades of colour. Effects can be both bold and subtle depending on your choice of colours and shades.

Colour Washing

Often used on walls that have an uneven surface, colour washing cleverly hides imperfections. A cloudy effect is achieved by using a brush or a sponge to layer the paint onto the surface. The effect can be bold or more subtle depending on the amount and colour of the paint used.


This is an effect created by applying a number of coats of paint to build up layers and depth to appear like a marble finish.


The Stippling technique creates depth in flat wall surfaces by applying paint with different density. This produces a shading effect with darker and lighter finishes appropriate to the room space you are decorating.

Grain Imitation

Grain Imitation provides a natural wood finish on an existing surface by simply using paint. For example you could completely change the look of your existing cupboard doors without having to buy completely new ones.


Dragging is a simple and cheap paint effect that gives a fabric or grained finish to your walls or furniture. It is achieved by dragging a wide brush (or you can use corrugated cardboard) downwards through wet paint leaving a slightly streaked looked. This can create a textured finish giving depth to your room.

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