Airless Paint Spraying

Airless Paint Spraying

Airless Paint Spraying is a specialist service that we are proud to offer at Pro City Contracts. This technique enables us to cover large areas fast using a spray gun. The painting gun removes the hassles involved in using brushes and rollers, particularly as there is little time spent cleaning on completion. The spray can be used with lots of paint types and provides a perfect finish with no brush strokes. The spray gun also uses much less paint than if you were to use a brush or roller and therefore is more economical.

Airless Paint Spraying can be used for a number of different tasks or projects both indoors and outside. Please contact us to find out any extra information you might require.

Hygiene Coatings

Pro City Contracts are experienced in painting and decorating in specialist environments that require particular attention to hygiene for example, hospitals, hotels, schools, kitchens and bathrooms. Hygienic paints are now available providing protection and resistance to bacteria and dangerous micro-organisms that could lead to infections. We use airless paint spraying equipment to decorate environments that may be exposed to excessive heat and cold and require paints of a thicker coat ensuring they last longer and remain germ free.

Roof Coatings

Airless paint spraying is the perfect equipment for the application of the latest roof coatings that are replacing the older fashioned roof protecting methods. Specially designed roof coats can be sprayed quickly and easily providing a seamless waterproof seal to your roof. Our highly skilled professionals are able to complete roof coatings in the minimum amount of time keeping your costs low and providing you with a long lasting leak and damp-free roof.

Intumescent Paints

Pro City Contracts are experienced in painting and decorating in specialist environments that may require particular attention to heat and fire protection. Intumescent paints can be applied easily using airless paint spray equipment providing a protective layer which can slow the spread of flames and heat. The spray technique enables even hard to access places to be reached giving you maximum reassurance that your premises are protected.

Textured Coatings

Airless paint sprays can also be adjusted to enable the use of textured paints which contain sand or beads proving a thicker coverage of paint. Textured paint can be sprayed onto any surface and is excellent where the surface is uneven or cracked as it hides these small imperfections.

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